Food, Drink, Pet Stain Remover

22 oz. Spray Bottle


Food, Drink, Pet Stain Remover

22 oz. Spray Bottle

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Motsenbockers Lift Off Stain Guide

Training a new puppy? Have an adventurous kiddo or a notorious mess-maker in your family? Make light of tough stains with Lift Off!

Product Description:

Breaks the Molecular Bond™ between stain and surface!

The patented formula of Mötsenböcker’s Lift Off® Breaks the Molecular Bond™ for fast, easy removal of coffee, red wine, juice, ketchup, tomato sauces, chocolate, pet stains, grass, dirt, blood, and perspiration. Works on carpets, fabric, and upholstery.

Works great as a pre-wash laundry treatment and on non-washables. Color-safe when used as directed.

  • Allow Lift Off to sit for 60 seconds.
  • Thoroughly rinse off or launder with clean water after treatment.
  • For laundry and soft surface stains blot – don’t rub – stain away. Machine wash as care label allows.
  • Particularly stubborn stains may need more than one application. Re-treat stains before machine drying.



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