Hand Cleaner & Conditioner

16 oz. Bottle


Hand Cleaner & Conditioner

16 oz. Bottle

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Hand Cleaner and Conditioner

Product Description:

Breaks the Molecular Bond™ between stain and surface

Motsenbocker’s Lift Off® Breaks the Molecular Bond™ to quickly & safely remove fresh and old paint, grease, adhesives, dirt, tar, oil, and grime from hands. Also contains moisturizing lanolin and soft pumice for gentle but effective cleaning of hands.

Environmental Facts: Citrus-based, low VOC and biodegradable formula.

Tips and Tricks:

Pro Tip: Apply to hands before starting any job to help provide a barrier against paint, grease, oil, and grime for faster and easier clean-up.

To Use:

  • Rub Lift Off® Hand Cleaner onto hands until paint, grease, adhesive or dirt is dissolved.
  • Wipe dry or rinse with water if available. Can be used as a waterless hand cleaner.



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