Pen, Ink, Marker Stain Remover

16 oz. Spray Bottle


Pen, Ink, Marker Stain Remover

16 oz. Spray Bottle

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Motsenbockers Lift Off Stain Guide

Don’t let your fear of stain hinder your creative expression. We’d bet even Picasso had a few marker mishaps!

Product Description:

Breaks the Molecular Bond™ between stain and surface!

The patented formula of Mötsenböcker’s Lift Off® Breaks the Molecular Bond™ for fast, easy removal of pen, ink, marker, permanent marker, dyes, and nail polish. Safe to use on walls, countertops, desks, wood, plastic, tile, vinyl, laminate, and metal.

Powerful formula can be used outdoors to tackle pen, ink, and marker on signs, wall, and other sources of graffiti.

Works great as a pre-wash laundry treatment and on non-washables. Color-safe when used as directed.

  • Allow Lift Off to sit for 60 seconds.
  • Thoroughly rinse off or launder with clean water after treatment.
  • For laundry and soft surface stains blot – don’t rub – stain away. Machine wash as care label allows.
  • Particularly stubborn stains may need more than one application. Re-treat stains before machine drying.



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