Lift Off Automotive Paint Stripper and Remover 1 Gallon Bottle

Lift off

Automotive Paint Stripper and Remover

Safe for automotive paint and finishes. Use on vehicles, RVs, boats, street signs, metal, concrete, fiberglass, and more.


lift off

Spray Paint & Graffiti Remover

Safe for vehicles, street signs, buildings, walls, floors, fiberglass, metal, tile, vinyl, plastic, brick, and concrete.

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Enviro Science™ Formulas

Our patented, Enviro Science™ formulas make Lift Off® products safer for you and the environment. With biodegradable, water-based, and low or no VOC ingredients we're changing the way people everywhere approach the most challenging projects. Safe and effective.

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Bond Breaking Technology™

Lift Off's® products break the molecular bond® eliminating surface damage & providing fast, easy, & safe removal of the toughest problems. Now you can remove paint, graffiti, varnish, adhesives, & stains without harmful materials or special equipment.

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Safety & Efficacy Without Methylene Chloride & NMP

If you do not expect a water-based paint stripper to work well, Lift Off® paint removers will be a pleasant surprise for you and your needs. You don’t need to risk your health or life for the high performance you require.

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